The goal of our research and development (R&D) team is to create new and innovative solutions by applying the benefits of additive manufacturing and developing new materials for use in 3D Printing machines. Every prototype is different, and each product has unique needs. Sometimes a job calls for a material that does not exist yet. When that happens, rp+m takes the opportunity to innovate. We ensure the right material is selected for each job.


Our R&D team had extensive experience with polymers, metals and ceramics materials. Our R&D team helps our clients solve technical challenges, from designing parts to meet certain parameters to developing new materials. rp+m enables its customers to step beyond the boundaries of traditional manufacturing and create products that are not limited by design, processes or materials. We are on various grants allowing us to develop new materials, such as thermoplastics, ceramic, Tungsten-filled polycarbonate, and carbon fiber-filled PEI 1000. For more information, check out our Advanced Material Development Program.


Let rp+m create a solution plan that will meet your production needs.

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