rp+m is focused on creating solutions to support every customer from ideation all the way through production.  Clients have the choice to jump on and off the innovation conveyor belt below, whenever they need to.  rp+m is here to help you get your product to market faster utilizing the right technology, engineering experts, + material.


3DP - Binder Jet

A liquid bonding agent selectively deposited to join powder. You can print multiple metal parts at once in various materials.


Direct Metal Laser Sintering - DMLS

This metallurgic process utilizing laser sintering of metals is a superior prototyping tool as well as a method of manufacturing.


Fused Deposition Modeling - FDM

This additive manufacturing process lays down layers of material to process durable, quality, and cost-effective thermoplastic products with speedy turnaround.

PolyJet® - Objet System

Similar to an inkjet printer that has layers of liquid photopolymer and is cured with UV lights.  Print both hard and soft material at once and near clear material on the PolyJet technology.

Stereolithography - SLA

This precise process uses lasers to cure thin layers of liquid plastic to create a detailed part. When a prototype or product needs to be made of flexible plastic with a polished surface, rp+m offers stereolithography to get the job done.

Selective Laser Sintering - SLS

This process uses a laser to shape materials into a finished functional part.  When there is a need to prototype or produce a highly-detailed, heat-resistant part, rp+m offers selective laser sintering.



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rapid prototype + manufacturing (rp+m), is a client use case company, focused on creating solutions to support our clients in design, material and technology selection from ideation through production.  We have a diversified engineering team, 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies.  Born from manufacturing, we understand our clients’ needs for designs and materials that will satisfy their desired production outcomes by utilizing past, present and future manufacturing methods.


Here at rp+m, we like to have personal interaction with our customers.  When working with rp+m, you will have experts dedicated to you personally to help as little or as much as you would like.  Our experts have the ability to consult and advise you and your team to come up with the perfect solution to your needs.


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